Desk Design + Construction


The net-zero Harvest Home was built for as part of The Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. I was asked to design a desk to accommodate the needs of the space while embracing the challenges that lie within the design of this net-zero home and its user.


Based on the floor plan of the bedroom, the desk was design to fit in a small space adjacent to a secondary entrance. With this in mind, the design I developed included a lowered ledge to allow the user a place to put items such as keys down when entering or leaving the bedroom, assuming this entrance would be most used by the individual. The height of this ledge accommodates both sitting and standing functions. This home was built for a military vetern and therefore the width of the desk address the wheelchair door clearance and is ADA compliant. The desk is built out of bamboo and uses a combination of dowel and cap screw joinery.

PROJECT: Team Capitol DC Harvest Home for Dept. of Energy Solar Decathlon; 

DIRECTION: Ryan McKibben, The Catholic University of America

PRESS: Solar DecathlonGWU | GW TODAY | Energy.govArchDailyInhabitat 1 |  23 | Green Passive Solar | Eco Building

DURATION: 4 weeks - Design + Full-sized Prototype Construction
                      1 week - Final Construction

This desk was showcased at The Department of Energy Solar Decathlon in Irvine, CA on October 3-13, 2013 and then given to a military veteran in conjunction with The Wounded Warrior Project.