Immersion Hotel Cyprus Concept


Develop a hotel design concept in another country and address cultural and site specific implications regarding your design.


The IMMERSION HOTEL CYPRUS is for those who want to travel for longer periods of time to experience an in depth cultural immersion. The hotel provides accommodations for long stays and has a unique program element. A business center is located on the top floor to help individuals fuel their extended stay with freelance or tele-work. This space includes quiet breakout workspaces and a conference room that can be used by Cypriot entrepreneurs connecting with global visitors. The first floor also allows invites the Cypriot community to infuse it's culture with a vibrant market space.

Architecturally this space integrates it's self with it's cultural and geographic site. It is located on the vivid well-known Ledras Street that is positioned on the South Greek Cypriot side of the divided capital city of Nicosia. The grid system that lies within the space is developed from the intersecting street angles and the architectural organization divides two sides with three areas of intersection in the middle implying the coexistence of two communities, the Greek and Turkish, in one divided country.

The intent of connection also reinforces itself with tiled feature walls that serve externally as rain water harvesters and internally as way finding elements. Additional benefits of these floor penetrating walls is to add a connection to nature, noise reduction between public and private spaces and cools indoor air.

PROJECT: Institutional Studio Project

DIRECTION: Professor Michelle LeTourneur

DURATION: 12 Weeks